eBook Store Comparisons

Comparing Royalties for eBooks

Is Novelnook better than other large distributors and publishers?

Gary McLaren from publishyourownebooks.com has compiled two charts that list detailed comparisons of publishers, eBook stores, and eBook aggregators.  If you would like to view the original article – check it out here.  We have modified his work to include Novelnook and we added a new column detailing royalty payment frequency (which we found useful).  Check it out!

eBook Stores

novelnookroyaltyFind the Detailed Notes Here

eBook Aggregators

EbookAggregatorsChartAugust2012Find the Detailed Notes Here

Novelnook – The Best Option?

We’ll be honest… it depends.  As you can see above, Novelnook provides a very similar platform in comparison to the larger more well-known eBook stores.  


  • Support the most popular eBook extensions (ePub and Mobi) which, combined, work on every platform available (tablets, phones, pcs, macs, etc.)
  • 100% royalties
  • Receive royalties in full – immediately
  • Open to any writer, author, or publisher
  • Do not require ISBN’s – yet we give the authors the option to input one
  • Fast publishing – within 10 minutes
  • Free membership & no fees
  • No contracts – unpublish or publish at your leisure
  • Searchable content – we allow keywords for each eBook and have created an SEO optimized environment to increase search result population
  • Unlockable features to help promote eBooks
  • Game dynamic point system based on sales, publishing, comments, ratings, loyalty, and more.
  • Automatic conversion to ePub & Mobi formats on upload.


  • Do not currently distribute, sell, or publish printed books (only eBook version)
  • New service – 3 months old – relatively unknown

Before you get started using Novelnook – ask yourself these questions:

1) Have your copyrighted, edited, and formatted your eBook yet?

2) Do you have a verified Paypal account?

3) Do you have your own social networking sites, blogs, or a personal website?

4) Have you self-published with other eBook stores or distributors?

5) Do you have plans to advertise and market your eBook?

If you answered yes to all or most of these – we highly encourage you to explore Novelnook as an option to sell your eBooks.  Even if you answered no to everything we listed above, our service can still be the best pick for you if you are deeply committed to selling eBooks.

Although Novelnook appears like the obvious choice when comparing the above charts, we must admittedly state that we leave a lot of the responsibility and work up to the authors.  If you’ve self-published before and know the ropes, you can successfully publish on Novelnook within minutes.  If you are new to the self-publishing world – it will benefit you to follow ourHow-To-Guide” and ensure that you are protecting your work before publishing.

We provide a do-it-yourself” platform in which the author is allowed to take the reins as a self-publisher.  We rely on the author to copyright, establish ISBN’s separately (if they choose to do so), format, and edit their content prior to publishing on our website.  We also encourage self-advertising initiatives to include blogging, personal websites, social networks, etc. as these will help “funnel” your readers to Novelnook – where you can earn the most for your eBook.  

What would I do?

Maybe you’re wondering this, maybe you’re not, but if it were me – I would publish my eBook on every single distributor and aggregator available.  Then I would focus all of my self-advertising and self-promotional campaigns toward directing people to Novelnook specifically – where I can earn the most bang for my buck.  As an author you really don’t care where your eBook sells, as long as it sells, am I right?

We hope this clears up some questions regarding the various eBook distributors and comparisons between them – and where Novelnook fits in.  We look forward to hearing your feedback and comments – happy writing!


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