Helpful Feedback

First off, we would like to thank our beta users for their continued feedback and support during our testing phase.  We now have around 1,000 followers through our social networks and over 100 users signed up on our site.  On top of that, over 30 eBooks have been successfully published.  The great part is it has been only 7 days since our launch.  The Novelnook beta has proved to be a great source of information about problem areas of our website.  As we hash out some of the more common login and registration issues, we have started Phase 2 of our development.  During this time we will begin introducing newer and more stable versions of the website weekly.  Each release will incorporate new features, design changes, and bug fixes as we prepare for our official launch.  Our current timetable puts us somewhere in mid-November for a full release of our website.  We encourage users to keep visiting as we bring more features online to help us test and evaluate our products.  For those of you that are hoping to publish – we have cut down our processing time of applications to just 10-15 minutes during normal business hours; and at the most – a few hours.  Expect more changes and updates throughout the next few weeks.

Some things to look forward to with our next update:

(1) Author Features Tab – this will allow authors to use some of our identified features that will help publicize their eBooks

(2) Frontpage Re-Design – We will now show featured authors, this blog, new users, and more on our frontpage.

(3) Custom eBook Covers – Novelnook will display samples and provide a detailed submission form for users to create an eye-catching custom cover at a much lower price.

(4) Login/Registration – After noticing a few errors regarding our login and registration systems in the past week – we have been diligently correcting all known issues.  In addition, we have created a more user friendly author vs reader registration process.

We will be updating our audience on a frequent basis over the next few weeks as we build up to the official launch.  Thank you to all who have participated thus far.


From Conception to Completion in Just 12 Weeks

Where on Earth did Novelnook come from?

Forming an idea into a tangible product can take huge amounts of time and energy.  This discouraging fact is near and dear to many entrepeneurs, inventors, and authors, especially self-publishers.  Though this blog will be in regards to how Novelnook was developed, it will demonstrate not only the determination of our team but also our faith in the self-published writer.

Yes, Novelnook was created in it’s entirety in just 12 weeks.  Even more interesting is that our website was completed to it’s current state in just 8 weeks and our social networks have been live for only 18 days.  In those 18 days we have garnered over 500+ followers through various social networking websites and over 150 authors interested in self-publishing on Novelnook.  The timeline below will help you visualize our progress.

  • 1 July 2012, The general idea behind Novelnook was conceived.  All social networks, .com’s, etc. were purchased.
  • 15 July 2012, Work begins on the Business Plan – the bread and butter behind Novelnook
  • 20 July 2012, Novelnook logo and other copyrighted material created
  • 1 Aug 2012, Business Plan / Trademarks / LLC / Patent etc. are finalized and completed
  • 2 Aug 2012, construction by Web3box starts
  • 15 Aug 2012, General outline of website completed and reviewed
  • 30 Aug 2012, Basic functioning of website finished
  • 13 Sep 2012, First Facebook post.  Outreach programs through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. started.
  • 29 Sep 2012, Over 500 followers and over 150 authors interested in self-publishing on Novelnook.
  • 1 Oct 2012, BETA test launch for – 20 registrations in the first 10 minutes of launch.

Obviously this is a never-ending process, we will always be innovating, expanding, and modifying our approach to obstacles, but we are proud of how far we’ve come in such little time.

Our eagerness to launch as soon as possible was fueled by our respect for determined self-publishing authors.  There is no reason why authors need to pay someone else to sell their work.  Personally, I was appalled when I realized how much publishers and eBook stores take from authors.  I recognize that publishers are essential for hardcover printing and distribution, but in terms of eBooks, they aren’t as effective.  I come from a very different industry by study and trade and I am vexed by the need for a service that charges you to sell your work online.  The internet has enabled us to “do-it-yourself” with almost anything, so why not publishing?

Novelnook was created to free up an author’s brain power for…well, writing.  Writer’s write.  Stop worrying about where you’re going to find readers, how much in fees you will be charged, how you will be able to afford to publish your work, and how little you’re going to get for your battle with the blank page – and write! We’re giving you the tools to focus on your novel in as much capacity as possible.  We offer a free, simple way to self-publish your work and receive all of your sales in full.  Stop messing with the middle man and connect directly with your readers.  Receive instant feedback, praise, comments, and suggestions.  For those writer’s who are passionate about marketing their own work, we provide numerous features for this as well.  Some of you are saying, “I am willing to pay to get ahead” and that is completely understandable.  But if you do pay, pay for something that is above and beyond.  Don’t pay for basic services.  If you’re going to invest, let it be in a premium service like personalized marketing for your eBook or a customized eBook cover to catch a reader’s eye.  Don’t get mixed up in paying seller fees or startup fees to an eBook store or publisher if you don’t have to.  As an author you respect your work and are proud of it; we know this.  Get out what you put in, at Novelnook.

Based on our projections, the savvy authors will “funnel” readers to their Novelnook page.  It will only benefit you as the author.  You will receive 100% of your sales, our process requires less work from your end, we do the marketing for you, and you can set your own prices and adjust them whenever you please.   Readers can even “subscribe” to authors for a fee and receive all of his/her published works on Novelnook at one time.  Got a favorite author? One click and you’ve got it all.  What more do you want? Please tell us and we’ll do it – that is our goal.  Author’s can even “unlock” special features simply by spending more time sharing their author page, their eBooks, inviting friends, commenting, selling, and more.  These are things you would do on any other site and we’re giving you access to more advanced features for it.

As we project into the future we have many goals and plans to enhance and develop the online reading experience.  We seek to improve above and beyond what current eBook stores provide.  As our reach grows, so will our services.

We ask you kindly, please spread the word about Novelnook and it’s quick rise to the forefront of the self-publishing eBook world.  We’re here for you, and we truly mean that.

Join our Beta Testing

– Colton Joseph (Founder & CEO)

Novelnook BETA

Please join us this Monday for Novelnook’s Beta testing @ We are open to all authors and readers alike. Most of our features will be available for the beta but there will be a few that are still in development (i.e. point system is being expanded, social network feeds, and others). We would greatly appreciate your feedback on our project. Our team will be on standby for any bug fixes, errors, or anything of the sort. Please use our “feedback” sticky button on the right side of the screen to offer advice, suggestions, or comments. Thank you for your participation!

– Colton Joseph (CEO & Founder)