It’s The Journey That Matters

In Writing, as in all endeavors

It’s The Journey not The Destination

I know this is an old, cliché proverb. But, as with most forms of advice that have stood the test of time, there is a lot of truth in this statement.

It's The Journey That Matters

Photograph by Clarisa Ponce de Leon

I spend a lot of time on social networking sites. I do this to keep my finger on the pulse of what is happening in the two industries that I love dearly: publishing and photography. The three sites that I’m quite visible on are LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. I have joined many writing and photography groups (on all of these sites) to help connect me with people who love these creative outlets as much as I do.

I’ve noticed something that has been on my mind.

Many of the people who post to these sites seem focused on the destination and not the journey. I call this, The American Idol Syndrome. In our modern (digital) fast paced world we’ve become accustomed to the idea of quick success.

People repeatedly post about subjects such as: How to get an agent, or, planning their book tour, when many times they haven’t even finished writing their first book, or, they’ve pumped out tons of books in an unreasonably short period.

The photograph, above, illustrates a point of success that you may want to think about. I recently had a small blurb appear in, Writer’s Digest Magazine. No, it wasn’t a story I had written. And, it wasn’t an author interview telling the world how great I am. It was just a simple blurb about the steps that I’ve taken to advance my writing career.

Was I paid for this? No.

Will it bring me an agent? I doubt it.

Do I consider this a huge success? Absolutely!

It is a small piece of writing, in a nationally recognized magazine, that has been around for as long as I can remember. Why do I see this as a success? First of all, it is a personal success. My name is in a magazine dedicated to a craft that I seek to become successful at. Secondly, many industry professionals read this magazine; it may help open a door for me down the line.

My point today is simply this. Consider slowing down. Consider fine-tuning your craft. Treat each story as if it were a golden crown, and you are crafting it to give it the King.

Due to the success that I have achieved in the publishing world, I get a lot of people asking me to read their stories and books. I can tell you without batting an eye that 99% of them are not commercially viable. And, it’s not because they’re not good ideas. It’s because they’re rushed. Some of these stories are almost unreadable. I believe this is a result of authors trying to “get it out there” before giving the book it’s due.

When, I read an author’s bio, and they proudly state that they’ve written twelve novels in under five years (just an example). I know what I’m looking at, and so does an agent, or, a publishing executive.

Embrace the concept that you might not get an agent this year. Consider the idea that you will write a perfectly crafted book BEFORE announcing to the world that this is the first in a twelve book series.

Embrace the Journey!

Enjoy the small steps and perhaps a leap forward will be just around the corner!

I am very opinionated about the craft of writing, and life in general. But… I am well-tempered with an enthusiasm for debate. Please leave comments, even the ugly ones, I dare you.

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I’m also an avid reader. If you desire success in your writing career, you should be too.

I’m currently reading, “The Time Machine”, by H.G. Wells.

All my best on a beautiful day in South Carolina.


(Insert Witty Title Here)

Cassandra Janey



You might be asking yourself, who are you and why you are posting here? I can’t blame you for wondering.

First, about me. I am Cassandra, a new blogger here at Novelnook.

Here’s a lovely B&W photo of me – because I’m so pale, I am invisible in color photos:

I love to write and I am an aspiring author. I have a personal online blog that I scribble in with my writings and stories. I absolutely plan to finish at least one but I have ‘shiny object syndrome’ and often get distracted by a million things…

I did finish a story for NaNoWriMo but I deleted about 10,000 words of my story after it was over because I rushed to finish. It wasn’t bad. I’m just a perfectionist. It took me over 12 hours to write this post and I still feel awkward.

When I was a girl, I actually wrote a story and submitted it to a publisher.  It was a horrible story (truly, it was!) and my story returned to me, denied outright. However, that didn’t stop me from wanting to write. It is something I have always loved, although sometimes it takes a bit for me to get those words down on paper! I have several stories in the works but really just have to get around to finishing them.

Yeah, I’m pretty horrible at these about me things. I’m sure you can tell. Moving on!

Spending a lot of my time online, I stumble onto sites when I’m just looking through things. Novelnook was one of those things I stumbled upon.  I am pretty sure that I found it through Twitter. Twitter is a dream for a person with ADHD.

Finding Novelnook was pretty great. At first, I was just going to use it to buy books because I am an avid reader and love finding new authors to read.  But when I read that it was 100% author royalties, I found that a rather fantastic bonus. I had considered submitting my first novel to another publisher – one I read often because they house some of my favorite authors – but then I read something on Novelnook’s site that changed my mind.

I know that when I want to buy books, sometimes I can’t because of the cost. I love that I can buy a book for $2.99 or $3.99 and the author receives all of that amount – and the book is at a price I can afford. We both win and I can support an author I love even more than I ever could before.

I feel that Novelnook gives people who love to write the opportunity to put their book out there – a chance they may not have had otherwise with a regular publisher due to many factors out of their control. Not to mention, the person has total control over their story being published on Novelnook and is free to post it elsewhere. Novelnook is definintely “for the author” and while it does offer services you have to pay for, you are under no obligation to do so.

So to sum up, I’m a new blogger here, this is why I like Novelnook and I am now blogging for them.  I hope I have shown you why you should give Novelnook a chance to help you publish your novel.  You will find more posts by me here in the near future and I hope I make you laugh.  Even if you laugh at me, that’s okay, because I hope you will love Novelnook as much as I do… and then it won’t matter.