Novelnook was founded in August 2012 as an LLC. in the state of Colorado. At Novelnook, we strive to offer the best services to our self-published eBook authors – for free. We also have constructed a community that fosters social networking and interaction. Readers will not only get to browse a variety of eBooks but also get a chance to view and post comments and ratings, message their favorite authors, and earn points toward additional features.

Colton Joseph – Founder & CEO

Colton Joseph received a full scholarship from the United States Air Force to the University of Colorado at Boulder and received his degree in Astronomy. Mr. Joseph completed Missile Combat Crew Training with an Academic Achievement Award in addition to receiving the top rating of Highly Qualified. He is now a Nuclear Missile Control Officer at F.E. Warren AFB in Wyoming and is currently in the process of getting his Master’s Degree in Aeronautical Science and Space Systems. Mr. Joseph also maintains a current Top Secret security clearance.

Since 1997 Mr. Joseph has been designing, coding, and scripting websites. Though much of his formal training is in the field of aeronautics and astronomy, he has taken courses ranging from C++ to Website Design. Mr. Joseph is well versed in most forms of coding language to include HTML, HTML5, XHTML, XML, CSS, and JavaScript. In addition he is familiar with server-side scripting such as PHP and ASP. He is also extremely acquainted with MySQL for user and database management. Despite being fluent in much of the coding languages, his real talents lie in Photoshop design aimed at website templates and logos. Mr. Joseph has solely constructed over 50 websites ranging from gaming communities to travel agencies.

Recently, Mr. Joseph has been involved in various entrepreneurial experiences. He was the CTO of be-INFLUENTIAL, Inc. from 2010 to 2012. be-INFLUENTIAL is a website focused on advertising oneself through social networking and content publication. Be-IN provides avenues for users to post videos, blogs, guides, case studies, surveys, and more in an effort to enhance their career and interests.

In addition, Mr. Joseph was the Webmaster and Lead Web Designer of Vertical Minded, from 2010 to 2012. Vertical Minded is a rock-climbing guide website that is being designed to build a community of rock climbers and adventurers that will be able to share guides, maps, techniques, and more. Mr. Joseph was head of web development for both companies for over 2 years. He is now using the experience gained in these ventures to pursue his own interests.

Mr. Joseph’s thirst for knowledge about the publishing and authoring industry has recently motivated the inception of Novelnook, LLC. Only recently has he gained the technical expertise and knowledge of online social networking and marketing in order to develop his own project in this field. Mr. Joseph has poured all of his online expertise into Novelnook. His company is designed to provide free eBook self-publishing services for authors. Novelnook’s website also doubles as an easy-to-navigate eBook store for readers. Mr. Joseph has introduced game dynamics, social networking, and an exciting online atmosphere to the publishing world.

What is Novelnook?

Let’s start with the groundwork. Our idea is based on the current eBook fever that has gripped readers around the world. No one could have predicted the explosive growth in eBook popularity that took place over the past few years. In the very near future, eBooks are poised to surpass paperback novels in total sales. So what does that mean for authors? The internet has opened doors that have never been open before; for publishers, authors, and readers. The most recent trends have been aimed at simplifying the self-publishing process. Why? Well, quite frankly it’s cheaper, faster, and easier for authors. With eBooks on the rise, authors are scrambling to join the eBook push. However, it seems that much complexity still exists in the publishing world, even online. That’s where we come in. Novelnook – the world’s only free self-publishing eBook store that offers 100% royalties. Simplified, fast, and free.

How we’re different

We are FREE

You heard it right, we’re FREE. I don’t think it hit home yet, all of our basic services are FREE. You are not required to pay a single dime to post your work and receive all of your sales in full.

100% Royalties

You heard it right, we’re FREE. I don’t think it hit home yet, all of our basic services are FREE. You are not required to pay a single dime to post your work and receive all of your sales in full.

Publish Away

Post as many eBook as you like! We have no limit on how many eBooks you can submit. Whether or not they get approved is up to the quality of work you submit. Unedited and incomplete eBooks will not be published.

Fast Cash

Get paid immediately. Don’t wait for your money to be distributed to you at the end of the month like other services. Get paid instantly to your Paypal account the very moment the transaction is placed.

Help Us Help You

The more time you spend on Novelnook, the more your book will be seen. It’s true, the more points you gain through interaction (i.e. inviting others to our site, commenting, rating, posting books, etc.) the more features you will unlock. What features you ask? You can become a Novelnook Featured Author, place a book of your choosing on our Featured Books list, and even be promoted on Novelnook’s social networks as a new an upcoming eBook author! The more you help our community in spreading the word, the more features we can provide to you in the future.

Earn Points

As foreshadowed above, our point system takes into account many of your interactions on Novelnook. As you earn points, you will unlock various features to help promote your book or enhance your experience on our website. And I bet you guessed it… the features unlocked by points are all free.

Above and Beyond

Don’t mind spending a little money? Since we are free, we will go above and beyond for you if you choose to pay to advertise your book on our site, our social networks, our blogs, etc. We have numerous ways that you can spend a little extra cash to refine your work (i.e. custom book covers). Keep in mind – none of these options are required to be successful on Novelnook.


Compete in contests to earn stacks of points and unlock special features. Contests can consists of sharing races, writing contests, commenter of the week, reviewer of the week, and more!


Promote your own book and your own profile page with our custom URLs. (i.e. novelnook.com/authorsname as an Author page) You can use Novelnook as your one-stop shop for all of your marketing efforts. Since we are free, as an author you would only benefit yourself by directing potential customers to our store. You get to keep it all. It goes back to the help us help you concept.

Hollywood Bound

Want to get published in major retail stores someday? Start here. We will push our top eBooks to publishers around the nation. Large publishers are looking more and more at self-published eBooks for new talent.

Exhaust All Avenues

You will earn the most from your eBooks on our site, but we also know that you will get much more exposure on other large eBook seller sites like Amazon and Apple. We encourage you to post your eBooks in more than one place. This only increases your chances to sell. I bet you don’t catch other eBook stores admitting that.

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