New Blogger Arrives On The Scene

Bellakentuky Blogs for NovelNook!!!

(It was fun to write that)

This is my first blog entry here at NovelNook, and I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Kent DuFault, but I write under the pseudonym, Bellakentuky. I was born in Minnesota, and I have also lived in Florida, South Carolina, and Argentina.

Bellakentuky blogs on writing displays his cats

The author hanging out with his buddies; Bella and Lolita

I’m married to a beautiful Argentine woman named Maria Clarisa Fernandez Ponce de Leon. That’s a mouthful isn’t it? Everyone calls her Clari. My wife is a graphic designer, an illustrator, a filmmaker, and a photographer. And… She is a direct descendant of the Ponce de Leon we all read about in grade school. We have two beautiful cats and a loving home filled with artistic energy.

marriage writing

Married in 2009

I found my way to NovelNook via Facebook. A fellow author posted about them, and I came over to investigate. (Social media does work!) I loved their concept, and I wrote to them immediately stating that I would like to be involved.

So, here I am.

I’ve been a writer most of my life. Publication of my first short stories occurred while I was still in high school. In my twenties, I worked has a reporter for a small newspaper chain (I wrote articles and took pictures). But the path of life took me toward photography. In 1984, I opened a commercial photography studio. This choice led to a pile of really cool life experiences. I traveled the world on somebody else’s nickel, met a few celebrities along the way,  and I even had the opportunity to photograph Mikhail Gorbachev once. During this period of my life, my writing was kept to myself and hidden in a drawer.

A Life Changing Event

Then, in 2001, I fell into a life changing event. A motion picture company came to Amelia Island, Florida; where I was living at the time; to make a movie. It was a film titled, Sunshine State. Not knowing any better, I went to their office and asked for a job. And guess what? They gave me one. (My name even shows up in the credits.)

Florida sunshine state

Florida – The Sunshine State

While this never led to a lifelong career in the movies, it did reignite my desire to write. You see, I had the opportunity to get up close and personal with a renowned movie director, his producer, and their locations manager. They’re inside scoop to me was – Hollywood needs good scripts, (I’m not sure I believe that now, given what’s in the theaters), but back then I was naïve.

So, I began writing screenplays with a vengeance. Only one of them ever got made into a movie, and it was me who made the movie. No, the movie never made it to the theaters, although, it did receive some nice comments from the film festival folks that I sent it to. But, I learned a lot from the experience. One, making a movie is a lot of fun and probably one of the most rewarding creative endeavors one could ever undertake. To see something that began in your thoughts become real… well… it’s mind-blowing. But then there was number two; making a movie is expensive, and that ended my movie career.

In 2005, I made a commitment.

I started writing fiction, in earnest, back in 2005. My natural tendencies were, once again, toward short stories. Not that I don’t think about writing a novel – because I do. (My wife says I’m scared). We’ll just have to see what happens down the road. I have lots of ideas. Since making that decision in 2005, I’ve published numerous short stories both online and in print. I’ve won several major writing contests and placed in the top five for a half a dozen more. I studied the craft of writing at Writer’s Village University, (which is an online resource that is very inexpensive and I highly recommend them), to hone my craft. Then, I became a slush reader for, This experience has become the ultimate tool in the improvement of my own writing. It’s in this role that I’m constantly learning from other’s mistakes, as well as their victories, in the publication process.

I plan to write on many topics; writing, plot, characterization, the industry, generating ideas, the mechanics of writing, social media, writing contests, creative fermentation, etc.

I am very opinionated about the craft of writing, and life in general. But… I am well-tempered with an enthusiasm for debate. Please leave comments, even the ugly ones, I dare you.

You can follow me at

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I’m also an avid reader. If you desire success in your writing career, you should be too.

I’m currently reading, Dracula, by Bram Stoker.

All my best on a beautiful day in South Carolina.



6 thoughts on “New Blogger Arrives On The Scene

  1. Hello Bellakentuky,

    I am very new to writing, but I have stories to tell. I have written a book about my tragedies and trumpets in life and every thing in between.. My background is violence prevention, speaking, visionary and muse, not writing. So I gave it to my friend who is to busy now to look at my book He promised he was going to edit for me. I do understand his position with no malice. Do you have a suggesiton for someone like me?

    • Hi-
      I have several suggestions for you. If you are just looking for someone to edit your book, and have a budget, I would look on Twitter using the hashtag #editor or #FreelanceEditor. You could also search on LinkedIn for a freelance editor. If you don’t have a budget, you might try joining a writer’s group in your area, or look for a writing partner at a local university. If you would like to improve your writing, (and possibly find someone with editing skills) I would look into Writer’s Village University. They are an online resource for training and critique of your writing. They have a six week course that is free. I highly recommend it. I spent the better part of two years there learning. Here is there website;
      Good luck!

  2. Welcome to the Novelnook team Bellakentuky (wait, what do we call you? Bella or Bellakentuky or BellaKentukyFriedChicken?)

    So glad to have you blogging for Novelnook because I’m also hugely into movies. Spent a lot time on screenplays a few years back before turning to the book world.

    So you worked with John Sayles? That’s awesome! He wrote one of the better fantasy movies in recent memory, The Spiderwick Chronicles.

    Really looking forward to your future posts! :)

    • Thanks Tuan- Bellakentuky, or Kent (my real name) works just fine. Yeah, I worked with John Sayles. I even had him over to my house for dinner. The location manager was super cool too. A guy by the name of Sam Tedesco. In the movie, True Lies, he coordinated all the scenes in downtown Miami (like when the helicopter crashed). I’m a huge movie fan as well. We should have a lot to talk about. Favorite movie of all time – Pulp Fiction. Best screenplay ever! (in my opinion)

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