Publishing & Social Media

Social media is necessary to successfully sell my book.

Is this TRUE or FALSE for you?

I was just going to write this for self-published authors, but this a question for ALL authors.

I am not published yet, but I read a lot. And I knew that building up my social media presence was KEY to being successful. It doesn’t mean my book will sell – but I certainly have a better chance by using it. And by doing it beforehand – with people who will follow my journey – I find people who are truly interested in what I have to say. At least, I hope so! ;)

Point is: I don’t think anyone can say this statement is false. Even if your friends and family buy your book, you still have to convince other people your book is worth buying. That they WANT to buy it, read it, share it.

Social media doesn’t necessarily mean just Twitter and Facebook, though. It’s Pinterest and Goodreads. It’s sites that will promote your book for free, for a fee, for a swap, etc. It’s writing posts on your blog or website that pertain to your book, your writing style, your publishing journey. It’s promoting your book on the places you sell it – wherever that may be.

It’s connecting, in whatever way possible, with those whom you want to attract to your book.

It’s giving those readers something to look forward to – even if it’s months in advance. It’s doing giveaways, ARC’s, beta reading, free copies once published in exchange for an honest review. It’s talking and sharing.

It’s supporting other authors – either by sharing a post, sharing their book, sharing your thoughts on their book with a review. It’s recommending their book to your friends. It’s following them on networking sites and them following you back. It’s getting YOUR work and THEIR work into the hands of those who will then pass it on.

Social media is the way. And I find that trying to keep up with it sometimes is exhausting. It’s almost a full-time job all on it’s own, on top of the writing I have to do! But I love it. I love connecting with others, making new friends, finding new reads and all around, the great community aspect I’ve discovered is THE BEST!

Basis CMYK

Like or dislike? (Love that picture, haha)…Do you enjoy using social media? Have you met many new people? Does it take up a lot of your time? If not, how do you limit yourself and still successfully network?

I look forward to hearing all of your thoughts! :)
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5 thoughts on “Publishing & Social Media

  1. Yes, social media is intriguing and a huge time consumer. My website weekly hits has increased by a factor of 10 since I got active on FB and dabbling in others, like LinkedIn. But book sales hasn’t increased much yet. I do know my website is out of date and due to a recent crash, a lot of the updates have been loss. I am creating a new website, but as I’m learning, that’s a whole career field in itself.

    Everything about self-promoting your book is a learning experience and time consuming. If i could afford it, I’d farm out a lot of those efforts. Since that isn’t going to happen, i have to rely of blog posts by authors who can add to my knowledge without eating up all my time.

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  4. I like social media -particularly the writing community- but it is most definitely time consuming. I only wish I would have been more actively involved with it before I self-published. After the fact, I struggled to catch up and learn all the ins-and-outs. I’ve shared this post on Twitter, in hopes that an aspiring author will read it before they start their publishing journey. :)

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