What Can WE Do For YOU?

What features – if any – would you like to see available on Novelnook?

I’m asking all of you – our readers, our authors – is there anything you would like to have on Novelnook that isn’t currently available? Any and all ideas will be something I would send in for consideration.

I really love Novelnook. Even if I become published traditionally, I still want to put my books on the Novelnook site. So, I try to promote the site and see our base growing all the time!

One of the things I suggested a while back is the ability to preview. Sure, I could see if it is elsewhere and preview it, then come back and buy it but I don’t really want too. I like being able to do it all in one place – how about you?

I’d really love to entice more authors and readers to join us. Any ideas on how we here at Novelnook can do that?

As a writer myself, I consider building the fan/reader base as the hardest part. This might be shocking (or not!) but I am a rather reserved person. I am slowly making friends and contacts. And I’m only trying to promote myself!

How do I get new people to sign up without spamming? I thought touting 100% royalties would do a great job of enticing, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. I also run the Twitter account currently, so I’d love more ideas for that instead of just tweeting about the 100% royalties or the blog posts.

So…what would you like to see here at Novelnook?
And how can I get others excited to join Novelnook and help us grow?
Please tell me below!

I will be sure to respond and we can start a discussion on how to make Novelnook an awesome place for everyone – authors and readers alike. :)

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