Part 5 – How Do I Turn This Thing On?

Publishing with Novelnook is easy and so is promoting yourself and your eBook!

In an earlier post, I showed you how to create a future eBook to create buzz. If you already have an eBook you want to publish ready to go, it’s also an easy process.


First, you will click on the “My Account” button. Then, find the “Publish!” button to the right of your screen and this will take you to the “Publish your eBook” page. Fill in all the information. You will need:


  • publishTitle
  • Additional Authors (if any)
  • Keywords
  • Genre
  • Selecting if it’s serialized
  • Price
  • Choose the cover image
  • Brief Summary
  • Your own ISBN if you have one
  • Your eBook in PDF, ePub and MOBI – have to upload at least one form
  • Pick a Copyright License
  • Enter the Copyright Name

Once you’ve uploaded your eBook, it will be reviewed and then approved by an admin – similar to the “Future eBook” publication. This may take 24-48 hours but so far, it happens in just a few hours.

As an Author, there are features that will help you promote yourself and your work.


At 2,000 points, you unlock the “Promote eBook” feature. This will show up on the Homepage under “Featured Titles” in the #1 spot for a week and will slowly move spots until it hits #13, where it is removed. You get to pick the book and you can start it whenever you want after 2,000 points. This means if you’d rather use it for a new arrival, you can.



At 10,000 points comes the opportunity to promote yourself as a “Featured Author” on the Homepage. You will receive a message in your inbox and should respond promptly. A link to your author profile will stay up for a minimum of 1 week. Similar to “Promote eBook” you will slowly move down the list.


To the right is the “Featured Authors” box. It appears on the main page under the Daily Spin box. So if someone is really diligent about getting their free points – I know I am! – they will see that box daily. It is a great promotional tool.

Both of these features give you the ability to promote yourself and your eBook. They give you exposure to the entire membership of the Novelnook site – authors and readers alike.

This box will also display your “Average Rating” which will show readers and other authors what people think about your books. Readers can give your book a ranking after reading it and leave a review – just like any other eBook site!

And last, but certainly not the least, there are two other features that you can unlock as an Author. They need a higher level of points but are definitely worth it.


When you reach 20,000 points, you are then contacted for an interview! This interview will appear here on the Novelnook blog. Then, at 50,000 points, you will achieve “Fame” and receive a request for information similar to that of the interview. This information is placed on Novelnook’s Pinterest, Blogger, Tumblr, WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, & Google+ within 48 hours of receipt of Author information. With the growth of Novelnook, this information could potentially reach a ton of new readers. How cool is that?!

That’s it! If you are simply a reader on Novelnook and not an author, don’t be sad. At the bottom of the Features page, there is a “Coming Soon” sign for reader specific features. I always enjoy having something to look forward to!

I really hope you’ve found these posts informative and enjoy reading and/or publishing your eBooks on Novelnook.

If you’ve not heard of the Writing contest, you should click on this link –> Novelnook Writing Contest and check it out. It will open in a new window. If you’re a writer, sign up to Enter with a chance to win up to $200 – and if you’re a reader, you will get to vote on your favorites! The top “Vote-getter” wins a secret prize!

Hope to see you there!


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