Part 4 – How Do I Turn This Thing On?

Does the idea of being able to follow your favorite author or readers in one place appeal to you? What about being able to make your own coupons for readers to buy your book?

With Novelnook, both are entirely possible and easy to do.

As I mentioned before, you need points to unlock features. Coupons can be unlocked with 500 points, while Bookworming becomes available at 1,000 points.

At first, I thought gaining 500 or even 1,000 points would prove difficult or time-consuming. It’s not. I always log in to at least do the Daily Roll on the front page where I can get up to 60 points free! Also, you can check out all the ways in which you can unlock points in Part 2 – which are located here

First, we will talk about the ability for Authors to create coupons. And honestly, who doesn’t enjoy the ability to save a little on the things they buy? I know I do, even if it is $10. Don’t be scared though, I’m not a ‘crazy coupon-er’ and this won’t make you or your readers one either.

As for how to give this coupon to others, you are able to share this coupon anywhere in any way you may think of. You can place it on your Novelnook profile page, share with friends using social media, or you can even put it in an advertisement. It is your code to do with as you please.

‘Okay, Cassandra. This is all wonderful and great information but can you please tell me how to make these incredible coupons?’ Sorry, I do tend to blab. Moving on! ;)

features1To make one of these awesome do-it-your-way coupons, you will first need to click on the ‘My Account’ button.

Then, you will see a tab named ‘Features.’ Click on it and you will see all the features available to you – active and locked. At this point, you would be going here at 500 points so when you go there, you should see ‘Messaging’ and ‘Coupons’ available. At 1,000, Bookworming will also show up, like mine has below.

Follow the arrow to begin creating your coupons!


Fill in the boxes below and click ‘Generate Coupon’ – it will show up in Active Coupons. I am unable to show this because I do not have a book published yet. But, once the coupon is created, you would receive the code that you can share with your friends and place on your profile. Nifty huh?!


That’s it! Creating a coupon is that easy!  Personally, I am saying ‘Yay for simplicity!’

Now it’s time to check out ‘Bookworming’ – which is also easy to understand and do.

What is bookworming? 

The ‘unlocking features’ page (show in Part 2) states that bookworming means ‘All users can now “follow” you. In addition, for every follower you gain, will earn more points. This is similar to Twitter’s following feature. All users who follow you will receive updates when you publish new eBooks, future eBooks, or modify your profile.’

wormitYou need 1,000 points to gain bookworming. In order to follow someone, you must go to their page & click on ‘Worm It!’ below their profile picture, as shown in the picture. You get 10 points if you follow & 100 points if someone follows you.

wormpointsYou will get 2 notifications in your inbox when you’re followed. One says you gained 100 points for a follow, the other says you gained a bookworm & who that is.

And that’s all it takes. Coupons to give your readers a discount and bookworming to allow people to follow your updates, for free.

Stay tuned for Part 5 when I will talk about later features that allow you to advertise your novel – or promote yourself as an author!

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