Part 3 – How Do I Turn This Thing On?

Want to share your works in progress but not ready to publish them just yet?

Novelnook has a solution for that!

You can share your “Upcoming eBook” with just a few steps! First, you want to click on the “My Account” button.


You will land on this page, where you want to click on “Add Future eBooks”…


Where you will find this page…


You should fill in all the information. This is only for sharing the basic information about your book at this point – all information is required except the PDF file.

For demonstration purposes, I put in a story I plan to finish and publish. I will probably keep it up as incentive to finish! After you have filled in all the boxes (I took the screenshot before putting in the description) you have to click on the “Add” button.


Once you have clicked Add, you can click on “View Future eBooks” to view the book.  Clicking on this allows you to edit the book information – which includes the ability to add more information, upload the book in its different formats and “release” the book once you are ready to publish!


The arrows below give you different areas to pay attention to:

1) Clicking “allow” lets users download the book if they’ve purchased it.

2) Allows you to add the book as part of a series and list a price for the WHOLE series. Remembering this when setting the price.

The arrow leading to the “release” button is just that – you click on it when you have filled in ALL the required information and are ready to publish your eBook for purchase!



Once the book has been approved by the Admin – which may take up to 24 hours – you will see it on the homepage under “Coming Soon” – clicking on it will take you to the page where it shows the description, the price and an “Expected Release” under the cover photo. Readers can click on “Get Notified” to make sure they are informed when your book is released. You will also get 500 points, which may unlock new features for you.



The book will also show on your profile – anyone who visits your Author Page will be able to find ALL your books – published or future.


Now, you may be saying “This is great Cassandra, but how do I advertise it? What can I do to entice people to buy my book? How can they follow me on Novelnook?”

These are all great questions – which I will explore in Part 4 and Part 5. Look for my next post where I will explore the bookworming and coupon features!


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