Novelnook Grows – New Premium Services

Now that you’ve saved money by publishing with Novelnook, we encourage you to spend that money wisely.  In an effort to give authors what they truly need, we are now implementing individual extra services that authors can pick and choose from.  Don’t waste money on package deals with a few services you don’t even need or want.  Get exactly the type of help you desire at our premium services page – here.  We work with our clients individually to give you exactly the type of assistance you require.  We will analyze your project or manuscript, provide feedback, and offer suggestions on your work before getting started.  Don’t really know what you need?  Drop us a line and we’ll give you a free consultation.

As our community grows, our team is making a monster effort to provide more services to authors.  We have recently partnered up with some freelance professionals to offer new extended features.  As you can see below, authors can now get help with formatting, editing, ghost writing, proofreading, eBook covers, and book covers!  Of course, these services are above and beyond our standard publishing platform and will come at a price.  However, we will always strive to offer the most affordable prices of any online publishing company.  If you find a legitimate source that offers services at a lower price than our own, just let us know and we’ll beat it.  Remember, we’re here for you.

Do any of the services below interest you?  Grab a free quote today!



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