Authors Give Novelnook Thumbs Up


Lately I’ve been hearing, “What’s the catch?“, “This is a scam“,


and “You’re going to fail” from various viewers, specifically
other publishers who have commented on our platform. Interesting. Instead of getting emotional about these comments, I put them into terms that made sense for me. If publishers are going out of their way to offer me advice to stop, I must be on to something! I don’t blame them. I would be on edge too if someone was offering a free way to do the same thing that I have been charging people for, for years. To offer some credibility to our service, we thought it might be nice for our readers to hear what authors, who have actually used Novelnook, are saying. We understand how skeptical “free” services can be so we reached out for honest feedback in hopes of clearing the water. The testimonials below are just a sampling of Novelnook authors who have used our service for months. We would love to hear our your thoughts as well.

C.M. Skiera 

“I joined Novelnook in October 2012 while it was still in beta stage (although it was a fully-functional service even as a beta).  I decided to sell my self-published eBook on Novelnook mainly because I saw no good reason not to–no cost to me, a non-exclusive service, and the opportunity to earn 100% royalties.  Advertised as “Simplified, fast, and free,” I can attest to that, as it is exactly how it worked for me. I started the process in the morning, registered online, verified my PayPal account, uploaded my ebook, received a confirmation from Novelnook, and was blogging about it that afternoon.  Since October, Novelnook has continued to grow, adding more authors, readers, and website features and I’m hoping for its continued success.”

C.M. Skiera, author of the epic fantasy novel Crimson & Cream

Tuan Ho

“Novelnook is an author’s dream come true! As far as I know in this present moment, on planet Earth — no publisher gives authors 100% royalties.  I sometimes question the sanity of giving authors 100% royalties, but as an author, I approve of this radical change.  Novelnook must be commended for positively changing the publishing landscape. There’s never been a better time to be an author!”

Tuan Ho, author of the fiction novels NOIF and Reach for the Moon

Dr. Richard Carmichael

“I have two college level and trade economic books in print. I wanted to also make them available in PDF format for students of economics and interested customers to read electronically. Other formats such as Kindle and e-pub do not work properly for books with tables and graphs. NovelNook provided me with an easy to use system to upload and market my books in PDF format.  I look forward to sending customers to this site.”

Dr. Richard Carmichael, author of Economics for Everyone American Economics History

Robert Stetson

“As a published author with 12 books on Novelnook, I can say that the service here is great.  Let me do some comparisons with other publishing services.

Service response
The CEO has a name (Colton Joseph) and actually gives out his phone number (719-271-3545), and his personal Email  No matter how difficult the question, you always get an answer back in short order.  Not a canned answer, but one that is personally drafted to address your concern.  No one else does this.  

Novelnook has one of the largest royalty offerings in the industry.  You get 100% of your earned income, not a mere 35%.

Ease of publishing
With Novelnook, I upload my book and it’s converted to all of the relevant formats.  There are no overly stringent format requirements or lengthy review processes to slow down the posting of your book.

Spotlighting your work
When you post a book on Novelnook, it goes right to the top of the cover display area. Anyone logging onto Novelnook will see the last book uploaded as the first book in the viewing lineup. I like that. It means that my new book is being noticed.

Easy friendly attitude
I was amazed to see a name in the Email from Novelnook.  My God, I thought.  No “Customer Service” or “Customer Care” anonymity from these people.  I like doing business with people who actually have a name.  They don’t just answer your questions, they put their personal name on the answer.

Superior payment method
No waiting 4 to 6 months for your money.  You sold it on Monday, it’s paid within 24 hours.  PayPal.  Quick and easy.

Overall 5 Star Rating in my book
Novelnook is my favorite place to publish.  I’m at home here.  I have a sense of belonging.  Come check them out.  I think you will want to be a part of it all.  Colton Joseph is as real as I am.”

Robert Stetson, author of 12 eBooks on Novelnook including – The Birthing, That Ol’ Time Cookin’, The Crucible, and many more.

We thank the above authors for putting their credibility on the line in supporting our service from day one – we appreciate it more than you know.  In my mind, their words amplify my ultimate question for those authors reading this…

“Why wouldn’t you publish on Novelnook?”

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