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Novelnook Team Openings

Running a new startup takes dozens of talented individuals. As Novelnook has grown over the last few months, so have our tasks. We are now opening our doors to applicants across the nation. We welcome students, freelancers, and professionals alike. There are no prerequisites to apply! So, if you are looking for a way to get involved with Novelnook, the time is now.blogjointeam

Well, what are we looking for you might ask? If you are skilled in blogging, social networking, publishing, marketing, writing, web design, or business administration… we would love to hear from you! Even if you aren’t, but want to contribute, don’t hesitate to complete our application. You can find our internship and partner application form here.

Please note that all positions are currently unpaid. However, upon the conclusion of your internship or preliminary period, which we will define, you will either be offered a salary or a position in our company to include stock/share distribution. Not to mention, you will be receiving mentoring, guidance, and tasks that will give you resume worthy experience. You will become an integral member of a successful internet startup and be given responsibilities that some of your peers may never receive.

If you have some free time on your hands, don’t delay, drop us a line!


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