Novelnook Ranks High in Startup Contest

5th for most innovative and 19th overall, Novelnook beats out hundreds

hd-Top100Winner recently hosted a home-based startup competition to find and rank the unknown, the innovative, the glamorous, the wackiest, and other fun and exciting new business ventures.  During the voting period, users were able to vote for their favorite business.  After public voting was closed, a panel of judges stratified every business in a thorough month-long process.  Novelnook placed in the top 20 of all contestants and 5th in its respective category out of hundreds of businesses.  We were among the youngest businesses, if not the youngest.  In addition, we have added dozens of design updates, feature releases, and advertising initiatives to Novelnook since the voting period closed, leaving much of our new exciting updates out of the picture.  These results are a reflection of our website in its infancy and are just a taste of what is to come.  The priceless exposure of the contest has greatly boosted interest in Novelnook by dozens of individuals, affiliates, authors, readers, and sponsors.

We wanted to take a moment to announce the results and to thank every single vote we received over the duration of the contest; we were among the top “vote-getters” of all contestants and it definitely aided in our extremely high ranking.  To all that voted, Thank You!

Check it out here!  


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