Make More Money in 2013

Sell eBooks – Avoid Royalties

Surprise, Surprise – Keep 100% of your Sales at Novelnook

Everyone is using 2013 as an opportunity to better their lives, eat healthier, save money, and of course fatten their wallets. In terms of publishing eBooks – the answer to making more money is right in front of you. Every author who has sent me an e-mail or has called me has been astonished when they realize that we are a legitimate service. I have heard the other line fall silent once I explain how Novelnook works. They are simply amazed that there is a service that is actually free and that on top of it being free – they get to keep 100% of all sales. Better yet, we don’t even play middle man, the readers pay Novelnook authors directly via Paypal. Couldn’t get any better than that. We’re simply a matchmaker – matching readers with eBooks. So my question is, why wouldn’t you use Novelnook to sell your eBooks? My challenge to all authors reading this is to explain to me how other eBook sellers are better. Our goal is to be the #1 eBook seller in just a years time. Ambitious. But we need your help!

I want to make more money

Sign up today and enjoy our 100% free eBook publishing service.

I have a suggestion

Please let us know how we can improve our service – we have adjusted our features, design, logos, and more just based on reader and author input!

I just want to read – show me the eBooks!

Check out our eBook collection that is growing every day. We have hundreds of published eBooks in just one month’s time!

Tip: If you already have an account – you can invite an unlimited amount of Facebook friends and receive a whopping 20 points per friend! It’s the quickest way to earn lots of points and unlock features.


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