Calling All Authors


Novelnook has recently undergone the largest design and coding update since our inception just 3 months ago.  We have added dozens of new feature changes, design adjustments, and bug fixes in an effort to officially release our site to the public.  This article will briefly cover some of our new exciting additions and give you a glimpse of the fully launched Novelnook self-publishing service.  In order to see all of our changes – please visit the site!

How-to Guide – Updated

The guide is now complete, current, and easy to read.  The walkthrough of our website for new authors is  coupled with links to each section which will navigate you through the setup process from start to finish.  Please let us know if we can adjust this to be more helpful in the future.


Coming Soon – New eBook Section


We really wanted to offer more options for our authors in an effort to encompass the entire writing process.  Now authors can publish eBooks (without the actual eBook) as an upcoming release to entice readers to “Get Notified” when the eBook is available – a feature that will be available in just a few days after some testing.


Ratings & Comments – Accessible

Not only are these areas of the site accessible and usable – but we offer an explanation of what they mean and a how-to on their use.



Point System – Revealed

We have built a detailed list of how points are earned, features that can be unlocked, and even titles that can be earned.  Check it out!



Author Profile & ToolsFacelift

There are almost too many changes here to count.  We streamlined the layout, design, and coloring to offer an easier to navigate and user friendly interface for starters.  We also have added tooltips to explain certain input boxes, features, and other areas that may have been confusing to authors.  All tabs are active, including the features tab.  Earn points and unlock cool stuff!


Although the above is just a taste of what we’ve changed – we hope it grabs your attention enough to come check us out!

Numerous other changes were made across the website to include fonts, colors, highlighting, functionality, readability, and user friendliness adjustments.

If you have any recommendations (we have had dozens so far and they have been extremely helpful) – please don’t hesitate to contact us.  We are striving to be a platform for authors, by authors, so if you’re thinking something is out of place, ugly, or hard to figure out – I’m sure you’re not the only one – so please speak up!

Thank you again for the vast support we’ve received over our first 3 months of operating.  We have more and more updates coming every day – and we’ll do our best to keep you informed throughout the process.


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