Novelnook Upgrades Itself

New Features have arrived, and more to come!


We have recently implemented a few of the features we have foreshadowed in previous posts.  Here’s a list of what to expect on Novelnook:

1) Frontpage – Our blog, featured authors, featured eBooks, a new login module, FAQ module, and the newest users, are all live for your viewing on our home page.  We are working to develop a component that will allow us to display our wordpress blog directly on our site – more to come on this.

2) “Bookworms” – We have added a feature that allows authors to be “followed” – simply click “become a bookworm” on their profile page and you will instantly be notified of any updates or additions the author makes via your inbox!

3) Publishing – The “publish” function is now more obvious in the authors dashboard.  There is a large blue button that is always showing – simply click this to bring up the eBook upload form.

4) Logo – To keep things fresh, we will be updating our logo with the seasons, holidays, and special occasions.

5) Author Custom URLs – We’ve done some thorough research and discovered that we have the most simplified version of custom URLs out of all eBook publishing websites.  Here’s an example:

6) Point System – The point system is online.  You are now able to earn points in the appropriate amounts and we have updated all current member’s point totals.  Please see the how-to-guide / points tab for more information.  We will be moving the points article to its own menu item soon to make it more user friendly to access.  Features are still being developed (for you to unlock via your points).

7) Number of Purchases – Each eBook now has a number of purchases tracker for all to see.

8) Bugs with Author Application – We have fixed all known bugs with the author application and registration process.  We will handle all errors and issues as soon as we receive them, so please continue providing us with feedback.

9) Popularity – To give our readers an update on our rise in popularity, we have over 1,000 followers and around 100 published eBooks from over 70 active authors since our BETA launch on October 2nd.  We’ve reached 500 unique visits in just one week since activating google analytics and we have yet to begin our marketing campaign in full force.  These numbers are purely based on word of mouth from our users!  We thank you for supporting us and look forward to growing our user base through aggressive marketing in the future.

We have been hard at work – improving our site to meet authors needs.  Expect many more updates this month as we continually add and modify our services in preparation for our official launch in November.

Have a suggestion? Shoot us an e-mail and we’ll respond immediately…

– Colton Joseph (CEO & Founder)


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