Where to Publish Online

In 10 Minutes…

That’s right, we’ve timed ourselves, authors, newbies, veterans, you name it.  It takes roughly 10 minutes to sign up, submit an author application, and start uploading eBooks.  Mind you, the more eBooks you upload, the longer it takes for us to approve them – but you get the idea.

At Novelnook, we provide a platform for authors and writers to publish their eBooks free of charge.  There are dozens of “self-publishing” websites available to the public, but none like ours.  We have gone to great lengths to build on those before us to establish a better service.   Many of you are wondering, how are we better than our competitors?  Here are a few reasons:

1) Custom Author URL’s (http://novelnook.com/authorname) – We’ve done a little research on this one and have yet to see a simplified URL system like our own.  Everyone likes short URL’s right?  Well ours is the shortest of any self-publishing company, that we could find.

2) Free to Publish – Yep, we’re free.  There are a handful of websites that offer free services, but all charge startup costs or take their cut of the sales.  Novelnook lets you keep 100% of all profits – no startup costs.

3) Rating System – Our rating system is designed to weed out the “fake” reviews and comments.  Prior to being given access to rate and comment on an eBook – we require users to purchase the specific eBook they wish to review. At Novelnook, you can be sure your reviews and ratings mean something.

4) Points! – Who doesn’t like getting rewarded for your time?  We give out points daily through our “grab bag” and have various ways to earn points through interaction.  What do points do?  They unlock a variety of features used to help authors promote and market their eBooks.  What if you just want to read?  Don’t worry, you earn points too.

5) Formats – Although this feature isn’t live yet, we will soon (by the end of the month) offer eBooks in ePUB, MOBI, and PDF formats!  All eBooks will be available for download in each format.

6) Profiles – There are websites that have profiles, yes.  But we like ours better for a few reasons. With our system authors will be able to add social networking links, advertise to their blogs or websites, link to their own profile, track visitor traffic, monitor purchases, add a biography, view their points, message other users, browse various features that are unlocked with points, and more!

7) By Authors, For Authors – We are always open to suggestions for features and recommendations from our authors.  We are here for you.  We have already implemented a variety of ideas from our beta test users and plan on continuing to adapt to our authors needs.  Our goal is to be approachable to both authors and readers.

8) Rankings – Not only do we rank authors by points, but we involve the readers.  Most websites view readers as customers.  We believe a community approach is more important and will help establish a better environment for feedback and growth.

9) Open Minded – Although we can’t include all genres and eBooks out there – we are definitely open to all types of writing including song lyrics, poetry, and serialized novels.

We should probably stop there… don’t want to give away ALL of our secrets.  Our official launch, which will have all of the features described above and more, is scheduled for mid-November.  In preparation for our release we are extremely interested in hosting all authors and writers that wish to publish online.

Sign up @ http://www.novelnook.com – It’s a no-brainer, we’re free and it takes just 10 minutes.

– Colton Joseph (CEO & Founder)


3 thoughts on “Where to Publish Online

  1. Good post! We are linking to this particularly great post on our
    site. Keep up the great writing.

  2. Hi; I would like to know if it is only for English books. I have a friend who is an author of novels in Spanish (from Buenos Aires, Argentina). Could she upload her book? Thanks

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