Novelnook Points

Get Rewarded

Our point system is designed to give users something in return for their time spent on our website.  We believe that game dynamics play an important role in today’s websites by keeping users engaged.  The reward system creates an environment that keeps users coming back for more.  We made it easy for you too, you don’t even have to “spend” your points – features are unlocked automatically.  Your points accumulate over time, through website interaction, and even when you share Novelnook with friends.  When you reach certain point totals you will unlock new and exciting features.   Some are even recurring – i.e. every 2,000 points.  These features are mainly for authors but can also benefit readers.  So, how can you earn points? And what are the features that you can unlock? We put together a little teaser for you below.  Check it out!

Earning Points

Many of you may still be confused what the entire system is for, which leads us to to…

What are points for?

Keep in mind that the list above is designed to be a teaser and our full point system consists of far more than what is displayed here.  There are over 15 different ways to earn points and dozens of features to unlock.  Our entire point system will be fully operational near the end of October.  We are currently testing the system on our beta users and have been receiving great feedback.  If you have any questions please feel free to ask.  Check back for more updates.


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