Novelnook Answers It’s Followers

Q & A

We have received some fantastic questions regarding our services over the past few days. Our hope is that by answering we will clear up any uncertainty of what we’re offering here at Novelnook.

Why would I publish on Novelnook when I already have my eBooks on Amazon?

“I’m not sure I see much incentive to making, say, $400 at Amazon in a month, and then -maybe- $5 at this place”

A very valid question and concern as a self-published author. First, this statement is based on very little factual data, as we haven’t even launched yet. We understand Amazon will get much more traffic but this comparison is highly debatable.

There are dozens of reasons why Novelnook should be chosen in addition to your current eBook seller sites.

1) To start, we encourage authors to post their material wherever possible. It only increases your target audience. Common sense.

2) Our services are FREE. If you are not willing to take the 15 minutes to post your eBook on our website, then self-publishing may not be for you.

3) Publishing your material on Novelnook doesn’t hurt you in any way. You have numerous options of sharing the link to your new eBook on your blogs, social networks, etc. which gives you a chance to earn more for your products by “funneling” users to your Novelnook author page.

4) Our website is designed to encourage reader and writer interaction. Amazon and other eBook stores have recently undergone scrutiny regarding their user ratings and reviews. Unfortunately, there are claims of “fake reviews and ratings”. This lends little faith to Amazon’s rating and review system. Check it out here . Novelnook avoids this issue by requiring a user to purchase an eBook prior to commenting and rating the material.

5) We also provide initiatives for authors to increase their exposure WITHOUT paying. Most eBook sites require additional payments to take advantage of their marketing services. However, by earning “points” on Novelnook, you will be eligible to unlock features which help with advertising your eBook – free.

Will Novelnook market my eBook for me?

Along with the above marketing features, we spend the majority of our funds marketing our own website and its authors. We have designed our entire business model to bring in large amounts of traffic. To name a few measures; our web development team has gone to great lengths to ensure SEO rules are applied to the entire website, search engine friendly URL’s are in place, and META tags and keywords are properly configured. The more traffic we get, the more you get.

What is Novelnook’s marketing strategy?

Our marketing campaign consists of numerous social networking initiatives in addition to Google Adwords, StumbleUpon, Facebook Advertising, PPC campaigns and much more.

How does Novelnook make money?

Novelnook is an investment. We are investing in the idea that authors will want to earn more for their hard work. As we grow, advertising, investors, and special features will keep Novelnook profitable. Not to mention, our operating costs are very minimal.

Do authors retain the rights to their eBook(s)?

Absolutely, it’s your material – we believe that you should receive 100% of the profits and maintain all rights to your eBook. We are merely a marketing outlet for the author. You may also remove your eBook whenever you choose.

How many eBooks can I publish?

As many as you can write.

Does Novelnook offer editing or formatting services?

Currently, we do not. However, this is something we are very excited about providing and we will DEFINITELY have formatting options available post-beta testing.

Editing services will be offered in the future as well.

Will Novelnook publish hard copies of my eBook for sell in retail stores?

We do not currently offer this service – this is something for much later down the road as we are focused on the expansion of our eBook store.

Can Novelnook copyright my eBook for me?

Unfortunately, we cannot provide this service. We do, however, supply many helpful resources to guide you through the copyright process. Note that in order to post your eBook on our site you must have it copyrighted first.

So publishing is free, but what if I want to pay for premium services on Novelnook? What do you offer?

Professionally designed eBook covers are available for a fee.

Sometime after our beta testing, specialized marketing options will be available for authors to purchase. It is important to note that this will not take the place of our free marketing features we already offer.

How do authors receive their money?

Paypal is our current platform for transactions. Authors receive direct payments from customers into their paypal accounts – much like eBay – except no seller fees are charged by Novelnook. The only fees are those that are incurred by Paypal (typically around 2.9%). We recommend authors apply for a FREE business paypal account – which will further lower your fees.

We will be adding major credit cards in the near future.

So, what’s the catch?

We love hearing this question asked because it means we’re on to something. There are no catches. Publish your eBook for free and receive 100% of your profits direclty to your Paypal account.

We hope this answers your many questions and we welcome further discussions regarding Novelnook – don’t hesitate to ask.


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